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Mission Statement

Lakeside Library will be a complete and unbiased source of information for the people it serves.

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The Lakeside Library will provide a lifelong learning resource, outside the formal educational system, which enables each individual to acquire or to adapt the skills and knowledge necessary to:

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•Be productive 

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About: Philosophy

Libraries constitute a cultural, informational and educational resource essential to the people of this state.

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About: Goals
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1. The library will protect the right to full access to information.

• Protect freedom to read.
•Promote the exercise of intellectual freedom.
•Insure the confidential use of library. resources and service.
•Protect the selection policy of the library from a weakening of stance.
•Provide open access to library resources and services in accordance with the library bill of rights.

2. The library will identify, so as to effectively meet, the individual's needs for full access to information.

▪︎It will maximize awareness and use of its services and materials through positive and continuing public information programs.
▪︎The library will anticipate and be responsive to significant changes in the population and service patterns through long range planning.
▪︎It will maintain effective channels of communication so that the needs and interests of its users and potential users can be determined.

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3. The library will provide full, equitable and convenient access to resources of the library.

4. The library will be an excellent and unbiased source of information for the people it serves.

▪︎The library will maintain effective systems to accomplish the institution's mission.
▪︎The library will attract, develop and retain, in all positions, well-qualified, service-oriented staff.
▪︎The library facilities will be comfortable and appealing to the people served and appropriate for the services of the library.
▪︎The library initiates programs, or joins with others, for the provision of cooperative library services at the local, regional, state and national level.
▪︎The library collection will consist of information representing varying points of view. This information will be made readily available in appropriate formats.

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5. The library advocates individual self-development and in this endeavor enlists and joins with other public and private efforts.

The governing board of this library, in order to serve the whole community in its diversity of needs, backgrounds, and beliefs, declares that:

1. The library director shall select and/or discard all books and other library materials in accordance with this policy, using the assistance of staff members and professional publications without outside interference.

2. Selection of all materials shall be made on the basis of their interest and informative value to the whole community. No material shall be excluded because of the race, nationality or political or social beliefs of its creator.

3. Censorship may be exercised by the patrons for himself/herself alone. The library director and staff cannot restrict the freedom of selection of any patron. Neither can any patron restrict the freedom of selection of other patrons except when parents and guardians are exercising their legitimate rights over minors.

4. No material shall be removed from free circulation except by order of a court of competent jurisdiction. Normal weeding of the collection is not covered by this statement. 

5. Patrons may express opposition to any library materials by following the complaint process outlined in the Library’s policies.

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